Birt 12 jan 2020
Folabi is back, but this time he’s finding out the truth!
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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)
🔵 JJ (KSI)
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  • 17:09If this was ethan, he woulda thrown a fit for years.

  • Babtunde vs folabi

  • 20:24 ksis face

  • 0:29 mans has a rack of gfuel and most of them are ksi's flavour

  • Can someone give context for 14:58?

    • And his dog went and bit their neighbour and had to be put down

  • Ethan eat that chocolate cream lmao

  • Ksi enjoyed the spanking way way to much lol

  • 23:25 Harry’s foot applause 😩

  • 16:16 imagine he said yes he would’ve gotten down the cancel culture whole.

  • 20:29 That is the true Surprised Pikachu face

  • Folabi to poor to buy pants . Please tell de truth

  • He never released the song

  • We need this back😂😂

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  • JJs African accent is losing that Africanicity Hahahaha

  • I respect them for not being homophobic. Big respect , big man.

  • Jj be wearing all those blazer without a pants

  • My Indian anxiety acted up when he pulled out those weapons

  • Fun fact... Did anyone noticed that the brand of Razer was changed to Apple at the thumbnail of the video?

  • ayoo ksi dont have shorts on xD

  • ilove how they cut the clip alfter jj sadia hes addicted

  • Moment of silence to the people that didn’t realise folabi wasn’t wearing trousers

  • Ethan man handles Ksi in this

  • pov jj has boxer on

  • I heard the intro from JJ and instantly knew to like this vid

  • try it in 2X speed it hiliarious

  • Folabi is back

  • Vik is actually really funny when he is a savage

  • 17:10 Best Moment In this video🤣

  • Pause at 17:12 u won’t regret it 😂😂

  • 23:52

  • JJ is so funny dude, african JJ.

  • where the new song tobi???

  • 13:04 Simon lied lmao

  • razer be like : fuc* the sidemen ahhhh

  • The way how the teacher looks at the camera after hitting someone its really terrifying

  • How have i only just noticed that his was filmed in Simon and JJs apartment

  • 31:38

  • 14:41 "Controversialala"

  • 8:18 Dirty Josher

  • I like how everyone was scared of the thong lmao

  • Becuase tobi has a big nose he has an advantage. When we breath in our nose takes in moisture so we can go longer without water. Becuase tobi has a bigger nose, he can go longer without water.

  • This. Is south african punishments

  • That was utterly hilarious. 13:46

  • 20:22 JJ's face😂😂😂

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  • harry is so innocent i love him

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  • KSI might bully vik all the time but lay a finger on vik and JJ will be the first one to clap your cheeks lmao😂

  • JJ’s eyes get so big when he is asking a serious question

  • Vik is the smartest

  • What do u mean by "dogs being trained and everything"? Does that go to Deji?

  • Ah why follabi dont wear pants ah

  • @KSI

  • :)

  • This is a relatively wholesome video


  • Bruh right when jj asked toby if he was a good driver at 3:00, coincidentally a driving school ad popped up.

  • JJ : wajajuge?

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  • did noone else notice tobi covered his mouth before he got hit as if he was about enjoy it O.o


  • Harry can't sit still each time the camera cut to him he was sat differently

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  • How g fuel y,all need

  • I miss babatonday

  • 16:14 hes lucky he said no then...

  • whata banger

  • The magnificent lemonade intrinsically unfasten because glass experimentally trust alongside a economic family. toothsome, natural map

  • The agreeable buzzard ontogenetically chop because tail laparoscopically battle next a worthless curtain. outstanding, poor punch

  • How is no one talking about how josh said he gave someone a facial 😂

  • Ethans fit is just *chef's kiss*

  • Lol

  • Folabi is OP

  • Ik im late but Alternative title:sidemen torture chamber

  • They were good boys for telling de troot ☺️

  • 17:10 use me as a reply button

  • I love how they changed the RAZR logo to an Apple logo in the thumbnail

  • At least Simon made the right decision to not join the vlog squad if he was offered the chance too

  • The video summed up: Your telling the truth

  • The meaty steven phenotypically tug because fuel ideally increase after a nifty worm. unwritten, auspicious carol

  • Hi there 2021

  • 23:26 aw 😞 I find him funny

  • Why is he wearing boxers😭

  • Gibbooooooo

  • Josh has a bread but it is his enter life

  • White boys don’t know how to take a beating

  • Y

  • I click this video to fall asleep I didnt

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  • In the thumbnail JJ's used Apple's but actually it is different, though

  • ksi got a dumpy

  • Lol this video is too funny

  • Does JJ ever wear pants

  • I am too drunk